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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill.

A very telling presentation of the colossal damage done by the Gulf oil spill. The environmental degradation seen in the pictures is horrible.

Maybe, this is slightly off topic, but I don't really care. People need to see this!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The German Shepherd
- Creating and Naming the Breed.

Creating the Breed.
For a dog that looks more like a wolf, an animal renowned for attacking and taking sheep, the German Shepherd seems to be a strange choice of appearance to actually be guarding and herding sheep!

The German Shepherd was actually developed via specific breeding from a mixture of 'sheepdog' types. Max Von Stephanitz, a German military cavalry officer, established a society to develop a variety of German Shepherding type dogs called Deutsche Schäferhunde.

Max Von Stephanitz was the Verein für Duetche Schäferhunde Society club president from its inauguration in 1899 until hes death in 1936.

All of today's modern dogs are thought to have one common ancestor, the Asian Wolf. When we study the appearance of the modern day dog and wolf, we can see obvious similarities within a lot of modern breeds today and namely for our interest the German Shepherd or Alsatian, as it is often called.

Alsatian Ref Wiki.
For further reading on the term Alsatian, please consult The Wiki, search Google for 'wiki Alsatian', without the quotes. Importantly, note that Alsatian is alternative name for the German Shepherd Dog that is commonly used in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Commonwealth of Nations as quoted by the Wiki.

Other important links are wiki on The German Shepherd Dog and perhaps less relevant;- Alsace, a region of Northeast France.

Speaking Alsatian!
Another tidbit: Although 'Alsace' is historically a German dialect speaking region, today most Alsatians speak French!

A Dog of War!
Based on this history I've just presented, its not hard to see why the German Shepherd dog - (abbreviated to GSD), a wolf look-alike, with shepherding and military backgrounds of breeding has become known as The Dog of War!

Naming the Breed.
As Germany prepared for World War One, The German Shepherd was the 'WAR DOG' of choice for the Kaiser's German Army. The British army dog-of-war was the Airedale Terrier. With respect to the Airedale, it never had the strength, stamina and weight (averaging Airedale's 20-22.5 kg/ 44-50 Lbs, verses the GSD average weight of 28-44 kg/ 62-97 Lbs).

The 'Other Police Dog' (Who's a King)? Airedale or Alsatian..
The Airedale AKA - Waterside Terrier, (often referred to as The King of Terrier's), was used for hunting vermin, a messenger dog and police dog.
However, the Airedale lacked obedience due to a stubborn streak that seems to be a hardened characteristic of the breed.

In comparison to the Airedale, the German Shepherd is very obedient, larger and stronger, making it an all-round better choice as a police or military dog.

At the end of the first world war, British soldiers, returning from the fighting on the western front, brought back the GSD to England. However, anti-German-feeling and propaganda against Germany at that time, meant that a more diplomatic and neutral sounding name had to be given to the German Shepherd. Hence, The Alsatian...

This Alsatian name was especially apt, not only because the GSD had origin-roots in the area, but mainly because that region of Germany fought over during WW1 - had fallen to become part of France, (an ally).

The English Kennel Club only re-authorised the use of 'German Shepherd' as an official name in 1977. For many, the name 'Alsatian' remains more prominent in our minds, absolutely not because of its non-Germanic sounding / anti-Germanic history, (that's gone and forgotten), but simply because that's the name we grew-up calling it.

I for-one, did not know the history of the Alsatian name, thinking it to be separate breed of dog. In the UK, we have this image of a Sheep-dog as being of the Old English long hair, shaggy coat working dog from the early 16th century. Like the Bearded Collie type and Briard (aka Bobtail).

The advertising media is mostly to blame because, (Just like we often call a vacuum cleaner by its brand name -'a Hoover')... Since the 1960's when I was growing-up, the Old English Sheepdog used to appear in TV advertisements for the Dulux brand of paint.

So successful was this advertising, that even the Old English Sheepdog became thought of as 'The Dulux Dog'! Back then, asking any five year old child to name the dog breed from a photo, you would have got the answer 'The Dulux Dog'! So is it any wonder that, as a child in the 1960's , we did not know that an Alsatian was actually a German Shepherd, a Sheep-herding dog?


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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Requesting a cookie with tricks!

Deputy Doggy is a smart cookie! A trick taught, was to stand on hind legs and dance round, leading Deputy Doggy with a cookie, for a circle dance.

A simple enough trick and not that different from any other dogs abilities you might say.

I use to call out 'dance for the cookie, Deputy Doggy' over and over for about three turns before I let him have the cookie.

He picked this trick up instantly. But what amazed me was that when I had visitors to our home, I wanted to show them the cookie trick and took them over to the cookie biscuit jar of home made Deputy Doggy cookies.

I called out 'dance for the cookie, Deputy Doggy', even before I'd got to the cookie biscuit jar, and he was dancing round in circles on his hind legs!

I couldn't tell you of how proud of him I was. Obviously I didn't let on to our guests! Now he does it on command!

ChristopherJames & DeputyDoggy.

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The Secret to a fun, healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Well, I did say in an earlier post that I'd be writing about lifestyle. I follow a life coach, this is not that unusual these days, a lot of people do. It's not what you're probably thinking, if you have the same thinking that I once had. I used to think people who needed a life coach, possible could not control their own life, are these people out of control and need to be told what to do.. No- actually, surprisingly its the other way round!

The life coach is there to help and guide you, presenting you with positive support and mentor-ship. The life coach has experience in guiding people to achieve any type of success, usually covering a very wide range of occupations and activities.

Just like any coach you may have or train under, especially in sports. You will know what to do next, you just need someone there, making sure you get on with it. Someone to motivate you with pep-talks and training. This is where a life coach is necessary!

My life coach put me on a program of learning, listening to CD's and reading positive self help books. This program is a Secret! - So You need to look for it yourself. You may find a link on this blog! It is something to do with the old saying;- 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"!

I am fast becoming time and money free, earning more on a more regular basis and more importantly enjoying life more. I think that last one is the best part. Becoming stress free, because I know things are moving forward in my life and knowing I have a plan that I can stick to. Another good thing is that I am not doing this alone!

The life coach is there to guide me and help me with any unexpected problem's, often drawing the answers out of me, which is good, because I then know that I really do have the answers myself, its just that you cannot always see the answer when you are standing on the inside looking out. You need someone on the outside, looking in!

I know that you can find 'The Secret, to your health, wealth and happiness, if you become a student of life, be ready to learn and look out for 'The Secret'!

Woof Woof,

Friday, April 9, 2010

The German Shepherd.

I don't want to go into a deep history of the German Shepherd-(AKA. Deutscher Schäferhund) I've always called my dog an Alsatian. Its a breed that originated in Germany at the turn of the twentieth-century.

The Alsatian has been bred primarily as a working dog. Alsatians are a highly intelligent breed, suited to the guard dog, defensive dog role. This is not only because of their intelligence, but because of their strength and abilities in obedience, loyalty and a strong natural protective nature too.

This is why they make an excellent police dog!

Once you bond with an animal of this intelligence and understanding, you are friends for life! Being a strong and ever-alert dog, the Alsatian is ideally suited to military and security roles. And just like all intelligent humans, (should be), they have a natural caution with strangers.

Going beyond this, although not proved scientifically, I believe that they have another natural sixth sense. Something that makes them watchful and sensitive to peoples emotions and body language. I can't prove this, but there are times when my Alsatian seems to know how I am feeling.

Maybe its just my interpretation of the way he puts his head on my lap and gives a sigh, just at the same time as I have been thinking about a problem. Or perhaps, like when he put his head in my lap and puffs air through his closed lips, as though he's saying, "I know, - but there is nothing we can do about it, is there"! Anyway...

Each time I write about DeputyDoggy, I will try to give you worth-while information and any answers to problems you may have. As you can see, I've started already, hopefully on a happy note for you and your dog, whatever breed of dog you have, I'm sure he or she will enjoy those peanut biscuits, see the videos.

(Get Dog Treat Recipes now... Click here!)!

I hope you (and your family) will enjoy a pet bonding experience, both in the cooking and eating of those peanut butter biscuits!

Its Woof Woof from him and its TTFN from me!
ChristopherJames & DeputyDoggy.

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A Real DeputyDoggy!

A Real DeputyDoggy!

Crime fighter DUKE has a go at a would be criminal. Don't be fooled, thinking the criminal isn't aggressive enough, if this were real,- Duke would use far more force and in addition, the handler would be jumping on the criminal too!

DeputyDoggy Bloggie!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DeputyDoggy Biscuits, WofferWey!

Home-made, Peanut-butter DOG biscuits.

I don't know how healthy this actually is for your dog, but it sounds so tasty. I want some.. Beef-Broth? Whole-wheat-flour, Baking Powder, Peanut butter, Yummy..

Show me!

Great recipes for your kids to practice baking with, great family activity...And, if you don't like the smell or taste of the finished biscuit, Hey - you have a reason not to taste them - they're dog biscuits!!!


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